Burnout is a Myth

You have access to unlimited source of energy! Your brain does not burn out unless you want it. Yet we’ve been disillusioned into this limiting belief “the burnout phenomenon” throughout our formative years. Pressured by the pundits and peers we start believing that we are incapable of achieving our full potential. So ask yourself what

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Creating Your Own Life Experiences

Through which lens do you view your life? Lens A: I have no power to create my own life experiences. I am a victim of circumstances and other people, unable to influence or change the situations I experience in life. Lens B: I have the power to create my own life experiences! All it takes

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President’s Day

The third Monday of each February is President’s Day. Whether you’re the President (leader) of your company, your hobby organization, your family, your children, or your own life, take a moment to ask yourself: What kind of leader am I? Do I lead, influence, and make decisions for the love of work, power, and personal success? Or, do I lead a path for meaningful life?

Stop Seeking Happiness

Happiness was once my personal goal in life. And I have learned through many difficult years of my own search for happiness that happiness is merely a temporary, fleeting emotion. Happiness is earthly. An emotion. Happiness does not last. Especially when we live in a society constantly seeking the next big thing, and in a

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Will’s Wedding Weekend Blog Post

As a team, we complete monthly adventures to open our hearts & minds, extend our horizons, and rejuvenate our enthusiasm and appreciation for life. One of our founders is beginning the ultimate adventure of his life this weekend: his wedding. Fo r this, we are all filled with joy. The event will unite loved ones

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