Training Should Be Effortless

We will film your company’s processes, host them on an LMS, and make your life 10x easier.

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Training is a requirement if you want your business to be successful, but it doesn’t have to be a headache. Lean QA Process Training Video is an excellent way your business can get a high performing workforce with a standardized and streamlined training process. Does that sound good? Then read on below to get the details!

Training videos are a long-term solution for:

  • Training new employees
  • Refreshing current skills
  • Promoting standardization among the workplace (consistency amongst products and procedures)
  • Workplace Safety
  • Documenting processes (for auditors)
  • Capturing Tribal Knowledge so it doesn't get lost when key employees leave
  • Review the videos anytime your team member needs to learn a new skill or to refresh a current skill

How it Works?


Lean QA experts will meet with you to finalize which processes will be filmed. During this meeting we will give you a pre-film document that you can fill out for each process you choose. This template is a Lean QA specialty that makes documenting your process a walk in the park.


Our team will then work with you to create a project schedule to get your process training videos completed with the highest quality.


Our video production team will coordinate with you and come onsite to your facility to film your processes. Our video team is professional, caring, and well versed in how processes work. They make the whole experience effortless and smooth.


After the processes are filmed our editing team goes hard to work to create your finished product. Lean QA process videos are professional, easy to understand, and engaging to watch. Our editing team strives for perfection; so if you don’t like something about the edit, our team will happily fix it.


We deliver your process training videos to your company. We can put the videos on a flash drive or we can put them on the Learning Center. Lean QA’s learning center is a custom LMS that we setup for your company’s brand and where we turn your process videos into track-able online courses with quizzes and certificates. *Learning Center is a separate price.


Your employees get to enjoy watching videos to learn their processes instead of being bored to death with lengthy training manuals. Plus, you get to keep these videos forever. It’s a win win.

Videos are Effective

Videos are an effective form of training because you can train multiple people at once, an instructor is not required, and they can be viewed repeatedly. Key phrase there is "instructor not required!" Think about how much time and productivity is lost every time your star employee must train new employees or give refresher training.

Workers who learn through training videos learn from experts and get to see a thorough step by step visual tutorial of the process they are learning.

Lean QA works with you to clearly define your processes in an easy to understand tutorial format. This Lean QA specific pre-production tool has been critical to the success our previous clients have had with their training videos.


Lean QA
Learning Center

Lean QA can also host your videos on our online platform where you can track your team’s training progress and have a check for understanding through quizzes. Once they pass the quiz they will receive a certificate. Most of our clients choose Lean QA’s Learning Center along with the process training videos because of the following:

  • Increased employee performance through engaging course style
  • Each employee is held accountable to the training courses assigned to them
  • Documented proof of training and competence level of each employee
  • Easily onboard new employees and identify which training courses they need to be successful at their job
  • Determine which employees require refreshers and have automated reminders to ensure employees take their course before the training is due
  • Access courses through computer, tablet, or even the phone. It's that simple, no excuse to not take the training courses
We work across more than 20 industries
Over 2000 Employees Trained
We have Served clients for over 20 Years
Client Audit Success Rate is 100%

We help you every step of the way

Lean QA helps you define all the specification and requirements for your process training courses. We can help you in the following ways:

Concept Creation
Filming / Editing
Lean QA Learning Center

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