8 Steps to Operational Excellence

As the name suggests, 8 steps to Operational Excellence is a highly popular offering from Lean QA under the Lean Six Sigma solutions. It is highly structured in its approach and is organized in the following 8 steps:

Step 1: Identify and prioritize Opportunities,

Step 2: Project Definition,

Step 3: Document and Measure Current Reality,

Step 4: Analyze and Identify Waste,

Step 5: Optimize Flow and Reduce Friction,

Step 6: Implement and Validate,

Step 7: Measure and Sustain;

Step 8: Communicate and Acknowledge Success


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We can help you with 8 Steps to Operational Excellence in the following ways

Objectives Determination
Leadership Interviews
Online Company Survey
Current State Analysis
Future State Determination
Implement Lean Six Sigma Solution Topic
Provide Training Material
Training on Lean Six Sigma Solution Topic
Reports On Employee Progress & Performance
Industry & Lean Six Sigma Insight

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