Burnout is a Myth

Burnout is a Myth

You have access to unlimited source of energy!

Your brain does not burn out unless you want it.

Yet we’ve been disillusioned into this limiting belief “the burnout phenomenon” throughout our formative years. Pressured by the pundits and peers we start believing that we are incapable of achieving our full potential. So ask yourself what is it that you really want.

Lean QA brings to you proven techniques that help you dispel this myth and take control of your days, your weeks, your years and your Life!

At Lean QA our days begin by recharging our human batteries in the mornings and then, throughout the day as needed. You charge your phone batteries, your appliances each day so they can function properly; Do you ever think about re-charging yourself?

Boldly tackle the burnout limiting belief by

o Knowing that you’re already there

o You have access to the unlimited source of energy which is dispersed throughout the universe as photon packets

o You just need to decipher the human source code to tap into infinite energy

o Your brain can tap that energy anytime


At school you need energy to keep up with the curriculum and

assimilate knowledge


At work you need to create more energy and energize others in order to enhance your performance and make a difference and

Life in General

At home you need that endless energy to lead your beautiful life with your family

What is the Human Source Code for infinite energy

o It’s the awareness that you can create your own destiny from today onwards

How do you tap into it and keep yourself charged

o Take control of your day instead of letting it control you

o Energize yourself with positive energy

o Be proactive and approach each day in an organized ‘can-do” state of mind

o Get a grip

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