Creating Your Own Life Experiences

Creating Your Own Life Experiences

Through which lens do you view your life?

Lens A: I have no power to create my own life experiences. I am a victim of circumstances and other people, unable to influence or change the situations I experience in life.

Lens B: I have the power to create my own life experiences! All it takes is personal accountability and strategic action.

If you see life through Lens A, you are living your life in a reactive way. This means waiting for something to happen to you or around you, then blaming others for what happened or didn’t happen without taking any personal responsibility for the situation. This mentality includes language such as: “he made me so mad that I had to…,” or “she made me feel bad about myself,” or “I didn’t have a choice.”

If you see your life through Lens B, you are living your life in a proactive way. This means setting goals and taking action towards achieving them. It means creating opportunities, not waiting for them to come to you. It means having imagination and creativity to explore possibilities that align with your personal principles. It means taking conscious control of your life and understanding that you always have a choice. Because you do. We all do.

Here are some tips to live a proactive life:

-Change your language. Instead of saying “if this were different, my life would be better,” or “if that person would do/would not do something, my life would be better,” say what you will change or do to meet your goals or achieve your desired results.

-Seek support. You do not have to go through this journey, or any of life’s journeys, alone. Find someone who is aligned with your values and who is a positive influence towards your goals or desires. They’re out there-but they will not just come knocking on your front door. You must make a choice to reach out!

-Never deny that you have choices. Choice is the greatest gift humans get in life. Not making a choice is a choice itself. And, the only person you can blame for the outcome is yourself.

Creating your own life experiences is choosing freedom and happiness. But, it’s your choice.

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