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Your company could qualify for an 80 - 100% discount for high quality workforce training. Read on below to find out how.

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Upgrade the skills of your workforce with our high impact training.

  • QualifyQualify to get the cost of the training funded 80% -100%

    California’s Employment Training Panel uses a special payroll tax that all California employers pay into; they take funds from this tax to fund training. Your company must qualify before receiving the discount.

  • Flexible Flexible training onsite at your location.

    Lean QA works with you to build the perfect training schedule around your daily operations. Our expert instructors will then come to your facility to lead engaging and practical classes.

  • Investment Get return on investment using Lean QA’s Action Tracker.

    After taking Lean QA training, employees become charged up to take action. That’s why we created an action tracker that will monitor every improvement activity that comes out of each session. Our training get’s your company real world results.

​​Mark Densing

​​“Learning from Lean QA experts and their experiences with other successful companies is really motivating. Our training will definitely help us become a more efficient company.”

​​Mark Densing

Shipping Supervisor

​​Edwin Rivera

​​“Lean QA provided training that was very well organized and easy-to-learn. Not only did Lean QA give us knowledge, but they helped us put the knowledge into action immediately for our company, vendors, and customers.”

​​Edwin Rivera


​​Candice Wilson

​​“Lean QA training was an enjoyable experience. Their team was positive and uplifting. They made learning the various lean tools fun and engaging. This type of learning environment makes it easy to retain the knowledge being taught, and ultimately apply what’s been learned.”

​​Candice Wilson

Product Designer

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