Internal Auditor Training

Internal Audits are a requirement for any standard based on ISO 9001. What does that mean? If you do not have an internal audit done before the 3rd party external auditor comes over to your company, then you’ll have a major finding. We have seen some instances where an auditor refuses to continue with the audit if internal audits are not done. It makes sense though, because if the company hasn’t dedicated the time to auditing itself, then that could be a sign that there could be a lot more problems and it would also indicate the company’s lack of commitment to the Quality Management System.

So, internal audits are extremely important. Why should you train your personnel to do them? Well, who else would be better suited to perform internal audits? Your employees have in depth knowledge of the company. Most of the time they already know where the problem areas are within the organization. With that in mind, now think of internal audits as a tool you provide to your employees. Using this tool, you’re empowering your employees to go out and improve the company. An internal audit formalizes problem areas and forces the company to find corrective and permanent solutions. That is the best way to keep your company improving and moving forward.

Internal audits are extremely important to do and quite beneficial if they are performed by an internal team member. At Lean QA, our instructors have gone through numerous internal auditor trainings and they understand the challenges of how difficult it is to comprehend each requirement. Furthermore, knowing how to find objective evidence against each requirement is a skill that needs to be learned as well. That is why we create an internal auditor curriculum, so that the internal auditor we are training is performing more hands-on activities that put them in real life situations. Lean QA’s internal auditor training program will fully prepare your internal auditors to successfully audit to the standard and find key opportunities for improvement to keep growing your business. We have trained over 500 internal auditors in all of the standards we have an expertise in and we get the same result. The result is that our customer’s internal audit program gets 0 major findings. Imagine how much stronger your company processes will become, how much your business will improve, and how effective your internal audit program will become. Schedule a free consultation with us to see if our internal auditor training program is the right fit for your organization. In the free consultation, we’ll go over your internal auditor program and provide you with real action items you can take to achieve your business goals.