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With over 20 years of experience implementing & teaching Lean Six Sigma, Lean QA brings high quality expertise & practical real-world case studies. Whether we are consulting or training, your company always receives a custom-tailored program to solve your biggest challenges using high impact tools and tactics.

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We Implement Effective Lean Six Sigma Solutions

Do you need to increase your company’s efficiency? Do you want your employees to become continuous improvement champions? We offer the exact solution you need to accomplish your goals using our proprietary Lean QA System for Lean Six Sigma.



We provide training programs for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt. Our programs are highly effective because our instructors are out in the industry implementing Lean Six Sigma! It’s not just theory, our training programs use your company as an actual case study. In fact, students are working on improvements for your company while taking the course. This method is powerful because students apply what they learn right away. Student’s also have access to extra coaching and mentoring by our world class Lean Six Sigma certified instructors.


We approach our Lean Six Sigma projects as full-blown lean transformations. We conduct a gap analysis and create a process flow chart of your company’s processes. Then, we get your company quick wins through our Kaizen events. Next, Lean QA removes your company’s critical challenges using high impact lean & six sigma tools. When we come in and implement Lean Six Sigma into your organization, it leaves a lasting positive effect. Your profit increases, people become more productive, processes become standardized, and all the harmful waste in your company gets removed. To find out how we can help, get a free consultation with us.

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Benefits of Lean Six Sigma

Financial Benefits

The data alone should give you confidence that Lean Six Sigma is a must for your company. Allied Signal’s cost savings have exceeded $800 million since 1995. GE’s cost savings have exceeded $2 Billion. The US Army uses Lean Six Sigma techniques and leaders anticipate they will reach $2 Billion in savings.

Customer Benefits

Implementing Lean Six Sigma gives you the edge over competitors. As you become more efficient and productive you can pass on savings and better quality to your customers. You can also use this as apart of your marketing or brand identity.

Strategic Benefits

Deploying Lean Six Sigma helps execution of company strategy. You can be confident that your Lean Six Sigma green belt or black belt employees will use their advanced skill set to solve the most complex problems and carry out important strategy for growth. Green Belts and Black Belts are trained to intelligently analyze data and determine what are the current problems your company is facing, and what the solution is to solve those problems.

Confidence Benefits

Those who are trained in Lean Six Sigma have significantly more confidence in their ability to excel in the workplace. They develop a bias for action and become positive change agents for the business. This confidence also gets transferred to anyone working around or with them.

Standardization Benefits

One of the major benefits of implementing this powerful methodology is standardization. You will never have to worry about chaos and fighting constant fires for your company. Organization is one of the immediate effects of Lean Six Sigma. Running projects from inception to launch will be easier, quicker, and more effective.

Higher Quality Output

In addition to making processes more efficient, Lean Six Sigma helps your company achieve the highest level of quality. This is accomplished by prioritizing areas of the operation such as quality control standards and practices, inventory control, production scheduling and elimination of quality issues in all processes.

Candice Wilson

Lean QA training was an enjoyable experience. Their team was positive and uplifting. They made learning the various lean tools fun and engaging. This type of learning environment makes it easy to retain the knowledge being taught, and ultimately apply what's been learned.

Candice Wilson

Product Designer

Mark Densing

Learning from Lean QA experts and their experiences with other successful companies is really motivating. Our training will definitely help us become a more efficient company.

Mark Densing

Shipping Supervisor

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