Our Story

Anshuman Kumar Trikha

Anshuman Kumar Trikha (A.K.)

Founder & CEO

A.K. Trikha’s journey is yet another inspiring immigrant success story. A.K.’s motto has been: always practice gratitude, be positive, have more patience than others, learn as you go and apply the knowledge to help others.

Always filled with positivity, passion and unfettered patience AK and his wife Rimmy would be anxious to help others around them. This would shape their future lives as successful business owners.

In his early years as an immigrant in the United States A.K. supported his college studies by working at companies such as Pitney Bowes, Memorex, IMO Delaval as entry level quality assurance associate. After getting married with his hometown flame Rimmy, they started their life in Los Angeles. Whereas A.K.’s family was in academics, Rimmy came from a business family. After their first son was ready for elementary school, A.K. was presented with an opportunity to own and operate a successful ethic food franchise business in LA. Challenging as it is to run a restaurant and grocery store, this experience gave A.K. the proverbial “MBA in hard knocks”. By the time A.K. and Rimmy had their second son after 5 years of having retail and restaurant experience, they sold the business. A.K. would use his experience in the food industry later on to secure a major contract with the CheeseCake Factory.

A.K.’s ability to leverage his education and to convert his knowledge into action secured him a job at Burbank Aircraft; which later on was acquired by Allied Signal Corporation. A.K. was grateful to receive the opportunity to get his Lean Expert Certificate, Six Sigma Greenbelt, and Six Sigma Black Belt curriculum with Design of Experiments. This would be the turning point in A.K.’s life. Soon after, at this $15 Billion Corporation, A.K., along with his mentor, got the opportunity to use his prior business experience to integrate 5 quality management systems of Burbank Aircraft, HARCO, PACAERO, ABS, and ABC, so they could prepare to merge with Honeywell. The merger was successfully completed and A.K.’s name got out in the industry as the “guy who gets the job done”

At this point A.K. was being approached by legacy distributors to help them with their business process integrations and quality systems set up. A.K. would accept positions as Director of Quality Assurance with major Legacy Distributors in the Aerospace industry and establish long term partnerships in their growth. Currently, A.K. is a director in at least 5 legacy Aerospace distributors and has helped numerous others.

As the consulting opportunities grew, in 2006, A.K. established Lotus Life Corporation dba Lean QA. His vision was to help organizations and people in those organizations achieve their full potential by teaching tools and techniques that would make life easier and happier for the individuals while the organizations achieve their desired business objectives.

The key to A.K.’s success is his passion to see others succeed. Pursuant to his vision, Lean QA team has now enhanced the values by adding distinctive elements to Coaching, Consulting and Training. These values now include a hybrid and integrated approach of applying Positivity, Lean Six Sigma and Innovative delivery of excellence in everything.