Training is a Process, Not an Event

Training is a Process, Not an Event

Training requires investment of time, money, people, and other resources. When an organization invests in training, it is because they expect a pre-determined value to be added to the organization, or a return on their investment (ROI). Organizations who receive a return understand that effective and lasting training is not a ‘one and done’ event. Successful training is continuous, and part of a continuous improvement mindset and program of a forward-thinking organization. Several principles of the training process that can increase the effectiveness and ROI of training in which your organization participates include:

1. Accountability. Continually measure the performance of the areas impacted areas by the training to ensure the expected change in behavior or benefits of the training is implemented and sustained. If leaders of the organization do not place value in the outcome, neither will the training participant.

2. Coaching. New skills and techniques do not become part of a person’s character instantly. The additions or changes of skills or behaviors must be supported when the trainee returns to the ‘real world’ work environment. There will undoubtedly be questions about how to apply and sustain what was learned, and guidance through ongoing coaching after the training is key to success.

3. Quality training with insightful follow-up. Leaders need support, too. So, in addition to participating in the training themselves, leaders shall have follow-up contact with the trainers to answer their questions, or to obtain additional resources or materials with which to coach the team.

According to, training can increase effectiveness by about 30%. But training, combined with accountability, coaching, and follow-up increases effectiveness by over 80%. Which would you rather have as an ROI on your training investment?

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