Will’s Wedding Weekend Blog Post

Will’s Wedding Weekend Blog Post

As a team, we complete monthly adventures to open our hearts & minds, extend our horizons, and rejuvenate our enthusiasm and appreciation for life. One of our founders is beginning the ultimate adventure of his life this weekend: his wedding. Fo

r this, we are all filled with joy. The event will unite loved ones together from across the world and surround the new couple with love and support as they begin a new chapter in their life journey. All that lies ahead is a gift.

The celebration is not only for the couple, their families, their friends, and their community, but for what it symbolically brings to each person. Each person sharing this experience and witnessing the couple’s promises to each other will also be re-fueled with hope, potential, commitment, growth, love, and understanding. The relationship bond of other couples, family members, friends, and co-workers in attendance will be strengthened through this event. We thank the happy couple and their families for inviting us to join them in this adventure and we are grateful for the gifts we will share.

Omesh and Suramya, may your synergy provide you with a lifetime of happiness and joy. Let the adventure begin!

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